GreenBacks Cash Option
GreenBacks Cash Option

The new standard of total protection! Coverage for a furnace, water heater, refrigerator, range/oven/cooktop, clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, chest or upright freezer and a central air conditioning unit. Certainly your best value!

$35.95 billed monthly* OR
$431.40 single payment for 12 months

Want to add appliances to your Platinum plan? You can!


OptionMonthly Cost*Yearly Cost
GreenBacks Cash$16.95$203.40
Safety check (furnace/boiler only)$6.95$83.40
Additional central A/C unit$6.95$83.40
Additional furnace/boiler$6.95$83.40
Additional water heater (tank-type)$4.95$59.40
Additional range/oven/cooktop$4.95$59.40
Additional refrigerator$4.95$59.40
Additional clothes washer$4.95$59.40
Additional clothes dryer$4.95$59.40
Additional dishwasher$4.95$59.40
Additional chest or upright freezer$4.95$59.40
Additional microwave$4.95$59.40


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The Home Protection Plus® program is available only to qualified DTE Energy residential customers. The Home Protection Plus® program is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Appliance service programs may be available from another provider. You can cancel your Home Protection Plus® contract without penalty up to 10 days after enrollment. Your regulated utility rates and the conditions of your service are not affected by enrollment in Home Protection Plus® or by your decision to use the services of another appliance repair service provider.

*Monthly payment option available to qualified residential customers only. Plans and prices subject to change at any time by DTE Energy. Certain models installed prior to 1980 cannot be covered due to the unavailability of parts.

† Homes with a boiler must include the add-on option (except for Platinum Plan). Homes with more than one furnace, boiler or A/C system must purchase coverage for all equipment.